What grain conditions does BIN-SENSE® monitor?

BIN-SENSE® monitors temperature, moisture and relative humidity. Many producers monitor just temperature. If you get moisture cables, they also have temperature sensors, performing dual duty.

How does the system communicate?

BIN-SENSE® communicates over the cellular network. Each site has one “Master Unit” that encloses a SIM Card responsible for transmitting the entire site’s data to your phone or computer.

Why hasn’t IntraGrain developed products to operate on Wi-Fi networks?

We are able to support our devices over cellular networks but we would be blocked from supporting them over Wi-Fi due to privacy settings. Moreover, Wi-Fi requires an electrical power source. We designed BIN-SENSE® to rely on solar and battery power.

Is BIN-SENSE® compatible with competitive grain bin monitoring solutions?

Our technologies are compatible with OPI StorMax, provided that the OPI cables are not analog. If you have an OPI cable that isn’t functioning properly, your best bet is to replace the cable (preferably with a BIN-SENSE® one!) as opposed to trying to get BIN-SENSE® devices to read the sensing cable.

What does the installation process involve?

An employee of one of our BIN-SENSE® dealers will start by creating your site, including a site map, on our software. When they come to your yard, they’ll install cables at the top of your bin roof and anchor them to the floor of your bin. They’ll bring out the devices and associate the cables with the devices so that if your grain conditions become a problem, you’ll know exactly where to look. Finally, they’ll provide you training on how to use the software and understand the alerts you’re getting.

How much are the data fees?

Data fees come in blocks. The first block for 180 sensors is $180/year. Sensors are located every 4ft inside the cables.

Does BIN-SENSE® measure grain volume?

It can generate an approximate measurement of grain volume. If you have set the correct bin model/dimensions on your account, using the sensors that are placed 4 feet apart vertically, the system can judge which sensors are in contact with grain and which are not. The measuring capabilities are not precise, but you can arrive at an estimate this way.

Is the device weatherproof?

Yes, the BIN-SENSE® products are weatherproof and can be operated to -40 C.

What is the warranty?

IntraGrain Technologies Inc. offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation.