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Bin-Sense Direct Handheld Not Syncing

Sync issues are generally caused by a poor connection or by no connection to Bin-Sense servers when trying to upload bin readings.

A manual sync can be performed by following the below steps:

  1. Login to the Mobile app
  2. Click the three dots menu at the top-right corner of the app
  3. Click ‘SYNC DATA’
  4. Click ‘SYNC NOW’
  5. Confirm the ‘Last Synced’ timestamp has updated to the present time and date, indicated the bin reading has been uploaded to the cloud successfully

No Mobile Data / Poor Mobile Data Workaround (Airplane Mode)

If you have no mobile data plan on your smartphone or tablet that you are taking readings with, or you simply just have very poor mobile data service at certain spots of your farmyard, you may be prompted with a sync error when scanning the cables in your bin.

Below are troubleshooting steps that can be performed to save bin readings to the Bin-Sense servers when you have poor cell service or no cell service at all:

  1. Log out of the BinSense Mobile app.
  2. Go into the Android or iOS phone settings and enable ‘Airplane Mode’
  3. Log back into the Bin-Sense mobile app and scan cables on all your bins as usual.
  4. When back at a location with a good internet connection, disable ‘Airplane Mode’.
  5. Press the three dots menu at the top-right of the app and go to the ‘Sync Data’ menu.
  6. Press ‘Sync Now’ and confirm that the ‘Last Synced’ timestamp updates to the present time and date.

If sync errors continue to occur after following these steps, you may need to contact Bin-Sense Technical Support.

Please include screenshots of the sync error when contacting Technical Support.

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