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Bin-Sense Direct Not Pairing with Mobile Device


Follow these troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulties pairing your mobile device with Bin-Sense Direct.

  1. Ensure the phone OS is up to date
    1. Android: At least Android 10
    2. iOS: At least V10
  2. Confirm there are working batteries in the Direct unit
    1. Note that Direct unit S/N will not show up in the device’s system settings Bluetooth pairing menu if the batteries are dead
    2. If you have not replaced batteries recently, it is recommended to do so
      1. Use 2 x Lithium batteries
  3. Ensure Bin-Sense Mobile app is up-to-date
    1. Check App Version by logging into the app and tapping on the 3 dots at the top right corner
    2. Go to App Store (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android) and search for Bin-Sense to check if updates are available
  4. Disable Bluetooth
  5. Disable Location Services (Android only)
  6. Restart mobile device
  7. Enable Bluetooth
  8. Enable Location Services (Android only)
    1. Be sure to allow the app to access Location when prompted
  9. Try connecting the Bin-Sense Direct handheld to another device
    1. If it is able to pair with another device, the issue is likely on the mobile device
    2. If it is not able to pair with other devices, the issue could be on the handheld unit
  10. Uninstall and reinstall the BinSense Mobile app

Note: Bluetooth disconnecting can constantly occur while scanning SHT-31 sensor moisture cables if a Direct Unit does not have the HW/FW version to support it!

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