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Bin-Sense Plus FAQs

When was Bin-Sense Plus released?

April 2023.

How often does a Bin-Sense Plus site/Automation Hub call in?

Every 5 minutes (5 minutes, 20 seconds to be exact). In contrast, a Bin-Sense Live master calls in every 68 minutes.

How does Bin-Sense Plus syStem get power?

The Automation Hub needs to be plugged in to AC power (via a provided Power Supply). Fan-Ready Remotes need to get power from the Fan Controller.

The Bin-Sense Plus system cannot run on battery and/or solar panels

Can regular Bin-Sense Live remotes be used for Bin-Sense Plus?

Technically yes, but modifications will need to be made. Main difference is that Fan-Ready Remotes (FRR) have an extra connection. FRR uses both J1 and J2 at the same time.

See Can Dealers/Customers convert a standard Remote unit into Fan Ready Remote?

Can Dealers/Customers convert a standard Master unit into an Automation Hub?

No, a standard Master unit cannot be converted to an Automation Hub (AH). AH requires special firmware and are used substantially differently than standard Master units. Calian Agricullture does not offer conversion options.

Can Dealers/Customers convert a standard Remote unit into Fan Ready Remote?

Yes. A Fan Ready Remote (FRR) is just a standard Remote unit with a fan controller combo cable installed to give a dedicated connection for Fan Controllers, in addition to the sensor link cable.

Customers/Dealers can replace the basic sensor link cable with a Fan Controller combo cable. The solar panel connection can be interchanged with a power connection from a Fan Controller power output.

Contact your Dealer for assistance.

Can Bin-Sense Plus automate both temperature and moisture at the same time?

No. As of March 2023, Bin-Sense Plus can only automate temperature OR moisture at any one time.

How many Fan-Ready Remotes can be associated to a single Automation Hub at a time?

16. Compared with a Bin-Sense Live Master which can theoretically handle over 60 remotes, the Automation Hub can only handle 16 due to its more frequent call ins.

As of March 2023, one site can only have one Automation Hub. If more than 16 bins require automation, an additional site must be created.

Is Bin-Sense Plus compatible with competitor (i.e. OPI) cables?

Yes. There is no difference in compatiblity between Bin-Sense Live and Bin-Sense Plus.

Is a Fan Controller required for Bin-Sense Plus?


Can a Cell Booster Antenna still be used for Bin-Sense Plus (Automation Hub)?


How many cables can be connected to a Fan-Ready Remote?

Up to 32 temperature and 8 moisture cables.

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