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Fan(s) Turned ON Through Bin-Sense But Are Not Running

Fan ON/OFF commands are processed when a Master unit calls in which is approximately every 68 minutes.

  • Fan(s) connected to Master units may take up to 2 call-ins (approximately 2.5 hours) to turn on/off
  • Fan(s) connected to bins with Remote units may take up to 3 call ins (approximatley 3.5 hours) to turn on/off

If fan(s) are not turning on at all, physical troubleshooting will be required to identify the cause.

It is possible to test fans using the Bin-Sense Mobile app and Direct handheld.

If there is no Bin-Sense Direct handheld available, contact your Dealer for assistance. Otherwise follow the steps below to do a Fan Test.

  1. Open the Bin-Sense Mobile app (Fan Test does not require login)
  2. On the login screen, select GUEST MODE
  3. Pair your mobile device to the Bin-Sense Direct handheld unit via Bluetooth
    1. If having issues connecting, refer to this article for troubleshooting
  4. Go to the FAN TEST tab
  6. Fan(s) should start to run and the Mobile app should say Fan should be running

If the fan(s) do not turn on after during the Fan Test physical troubleshooting will be required to identify the cause. Contact your Dealer for further software troubleshooting.

Refer to our Support page for Fan Control and other install manuals/guides.


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