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Cable Issues

Cable issues can be due to a wide variety of causes. This article provides troubleshooting steps you may take to identify and address the problem.


  • Bin is missing some/all of its cables
  • Cable(s) show ? on some/all of the sensors
  • Cable has missing sensor(s)
  • Bin has mositure cable but Moisture Content (MC%) not showing (see this article for troubleshooting)
  • Bin has grain but Bin-Sense shows it as empty (see this article for troubleshooting)


If you are seeing the top 3 symptoms above, please see troubleshooting steps below:

Perform Physical Inspection of the Cables

  1. Confirm they are all connected fully and properly
    1. Depending on how the cables were installed, a junction/terminal box or splitter cable might be in use
  2. Check for any signs of damage
  3. Disconnect the cable(s) from the Bin-Sense unit and check inside the connector
  4. Reconnect the cable and confirm it is securely and fully connected

Test Cables with Bin-Sense Direct Handheld

If a Bin-Sense Direct handheld is available, try reading the cable(s). Note that this does not require logging in to the Mobile app.

  1. Connect the cable to the Direct handheld unit
  2. Open the Bin-Sense Mobile app
    1. If not already installed, please download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Playstore (Android)
  3. On the login page, select GUEST MODE
  4. Pair the Direct handheld unit to the mobile device
    1. If having difficulties establishing Bluetooth connection, please refer to this article for troubleshooting information
  5. Once paired via Bluetooth, go to the DIAGNOSTIC SCAN tab
  6. Select the SCAN FOR CABLES button
  7. The Mobile app will attempt to read the cable(s)
    1. Confirm there are no erroneous sensors detected
    2. If the Mobile app is not able to read or detect the cable, this could indicate an issue with the cable itself. Contact your Dealer for further assistance

Check the Bin-Sense Unit

  1. Open the Bin-Sense unit and check for any signs of damage
  2. Confirm the red connector with black and red wires is connected on the J1 port (top left corner)
  3. If no cables are still detected, disconnect the connector from the J1 port and connect to the J2 port (alternate cable interface)

Should none of the steps outlined above work, please contact your Dealer for further assistance.

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