Automation Hub Has No Power (Diagnostic LED Off & Never Flashing)

Problem Cause 1 AC Power Adapter is not receiving power. Suggested Solution Check that the power outlet is energized and that the circuit breaker is not tripped. Check that the AC power plug is securely plugged into the electrical outlet. Problem Cause 2 Power link cable is disconnected. Suggested Solution Check that the AC power […]

Bin-Sense Plus Unable to Connect to Servers

Possible Cause 1 Outside cellular coverage range. Suggestion Solution Move the Automation Hub to a location with better cellular coverage or clearer line of site to the nearest cell tower. Possible Cause 2 Cellular antenna is disconnected from circuit board. Suggestion Solution Ensure the cellular antenna is securely snapped onto J3 on the modem circuit […]

Bin-Sense Plus FAQs

When was Bin-Sense Plus released? April 2023. How often does a Bin-Sense Plus site/Automation Hub call in? Every 5 minutes (5 minutes, 20 seconds to be exact). In contrast, a Bin-Sense Live master calls in every 68 minutes. How does Bin-Sense Plus syStem get power? The Automation Hub needs to be plugged in to AC […]