No Ambient Sensor Readings

Possible Cause 1 Sensor link cable is disconnected. Suggestion Solution Check that the Ambient Sensor link cable is securely connected to the Automation Hub sensor link cable. Check that the sensor link cable is plugged into connection J1 on the Automation Hub circuit board. Possible Cause 2 Defective or incorrectly configured Ambient Sensor. Suggested Solution […]

Bin-Sense Plus Unable to Connect to Servers

Possible Cause 1 Outside cellular coverage range. Suggestion Solution Move the Automation Hub to a location with better cellular coverage or clearer line of site to the nearest cell tower. Possible Cause 2 Cellular antenna is disconnected from circuit board. Suggestion Solution Ensure the cellular antenna is securely snapped onto J3 on the modem circuit […]

Cable Issues

Cable issues can be due to a wide variety of causes. This article provides troubleshooting steps you may take to identify and address the problem. Symptoms Bin is missing some/all of its cables Cable(s) show ? on some/all of the sensors Cable has missing sensor(s) Bin has mositure cable but Moisture Content (MC%) not showing […]

Bin Not Reporting / Calling In

Master The Master unit is your Bin-Sense Live system’s most critical component and serves as the core. It communicates to remotes and transmits data (e.g. temperature / moisture readings) to the Bin-Sense servers via cellular connection. If none of your bins are reporting, it is likely that the Master unit is experiencing issues. Troubleshooting Login […]

Remote Not Calling in After Replacing Batteries

After the batteries in your remote units have been replaced, scan commands need to be sent for the remote units to resume call-in, otherwise they will not be picked up again by the Master unit and will instead go on a high power state. When in this state, battery power is consumed at a high […]

Bin-Sense Direct Handheld Not Syncing

Sync issues are generally caused by a poor connection or by no connection to Bin-Sense servers when trying to upload bin readings. A manual sync can be performed by following the below steps: Login to the Mobile app Click the three dots menu at the top-right corner of the app Click ‘SYNC DATA’ Click ‘SYNC […]

Bin Has Moisture Cable, Moisture Content (MC%)Not Being Displayed

The following conditions must be met for Moisture Content (MC%) to be displayed properly in Bin-Sense: Bin must have a moisture cable installed The bin must not be empty A Grain Type is selected It can take up to 24-48 hours after turning fans off for temperature & moisture to stabilize and for more accurate […]

Fan(s) Turned ON Through Bin-Sense But Are Not Running

Fan ON/OFF commands are processed when a Master unit calls in which is approximately every 68 minutes. Fan(s) connected to Master units may take up to 2 call-ins (approximately 2.5 hours) to turn on/off Fan(s) connected to bins with Remote units may take up to 3 call ins (approximatley 3.5 hours) to turn on/off If […]

Bin-Sense Direct Not Pairing with Mobile Device

Troubleshooting Follow these troubleshooting steps if you are having difficulties pairing your mobile device with Bin-Sense Direct. Ensure the phone OS is up to date Android: At least Android 10 iOS: At least V10 Confirm there are working batteries in the Direct unit Note that Direct unit S/N will not show up in the device’s […]