Bin Not Reporting / Calling In

Master The Master unit is your Bin-Sense Live system’s most critical component and serves as the core. It communicates to remotes and transmits data (e.g. temperature / moisture readings) to the Bin-Sense servers via cellular connection. If none of your bins are reporting, it is likely that the Master unit is experiencing issues. Troubleshooting Login […]

Remote Not Calling in After Replacing Batteries

After the batteries in your remote units have been replaced, scan commands need to be sent for the remote units to resume call-in, otherwise they will not be picked up again by the Master unit and will instead go on a high power state. When in this state, battery power is consumed at a high […]

Bin-Sense Direct Handheld Not Syncing

Sync issues are generally caused by a poor connection or by no connection to Bin-Sense servers when trying to upload bin readings. A manual sync can be performed by following the below steps: Login to the Mobile app Click the three dots menu at the top-right corner of the app Click ‘SYNC DATA’ Click ‘SYNC […]