New Bin-Sense Mobile App

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our grain storage monitoring lineup, the Bin-Sense Mobile App, launching May 22, 2024. The new mobile app puts the power of the Bin-Sense grain monitoring system in the palm of your hand, all with a new focus on simplicity and ease of use.

Some notable new features include easy ways to view your bins in Grid View, List View or Map View. New color display visualizations to easily see if your bins are doing just fine or if they need some early attention. Plus, control all your alerts and notifications, along with other customizable features, right from your account settings page.

Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, Bin-Sense keeps you connected to your grain conditions.

View the Mobile App Intro Videos

We’ve put together a few videos to get you more familiar with the new Bin-Sense Mobile App. Get a quick overview of the app and explore all the different screens that give you control and insight into your grain monitoring. Get a walk through of how to see your bin details and review the different app sections, like how to modify alert settings, update your notifications, and customize your preferences.

Also, within the new mobile app, you’ll see some extra features not currently available on the web dashboard. Here are a few additions to note:

  • Home Page preference setting
  • New buttons for manually setting grain level
  • Auto-level notification when manually setting grain level
  • Time frame choices for disabling sensors
  • On/off toggle switches for high/low temperature alerts, auto-level detection, and Weekly Rise in Temperature alerts below freezing

Bin-Sense Mobile App Videos

Bin-Sense Direct Users

NOTE: For users that have some Bin-Sense Direct sites, you will want to ensure you sync your grain readings prior to updating the app. If you have your mobile device set to have automatic updates on, make sure you sync your Bin-Sense Direct data to your Bin-Sense account prior to May 22, 2024.