Protect What’s in Your Bin

Do you understand your existing grain insurance? What’s covered?

✔ Drought Insurance
✔ Hail Insurance
❓ Grain in your bin
❓ Grain bag in your yard
❓ Grain in a truck on its way to the yard

By having a Bin-Sense Live or Bin-Sense Plus grain monitoring system, you are eligible for comprehensive insurance coverage for your crop, even when it’s stored in the bin.


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Real Life Success Story

What happens when you ask, “What if insurance coverage for grain spoilage, for grain sitting in bins, could be a thing”? That’s exactly what happened when Tanner Folk, Vice President, Calian Agriculture and Brady Fahlman, Holdfast, SK area producer, sat down to chat. In that moment, these two became groundbreakers of a different sort. After concern with existing grain storage coverage limits, Brady’s operation became the first farm to add a breakthrough insurance offering from Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited (AJG). This new offering removed many of the gaps in his family operation’s insurance and created a new reality of having grain storage spoilage coverage for each bin that has Bin-Sense automated grain monitoring technology.

“With this new insurance coverage, I know my grain is covered for spoilage for the winter. If for whatever reason we can’t catch it in time, I know the revenue from my crop is protected. All that work from seeding to harvest is just like cash sitting in the bin.” – Brady Fahlman, Holdfast, SK

Compare our Bin-Sense Live and Bin-Sense Plus Products

Bin-Sense Live

Wireless Monitor

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Bin-Sense Plus

Automatic Grain

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Temperature and/or moisture sensing Temperature and/or moisture sensing
Compatible with most 
existing cables Compatible with most existing cables
No power requirement No direct power hookup required
One-year warranty One-year warranty
Icon - Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible
Automatic readings Automatic readings
Icon - Custom text or email alerts Custom text or email grain condition alerts
Icon - Grain level indicator by yard, bin, and grain type Grain level indicator by yard, bin, and grain type
icon - Control fans remotely Control fans remotely
Automatic aeration fan operation
Ambient air temperature/ humidity readings
Automatic grain conditioning
Battery & solar powered
+ Web dashboard*
+ Web dashboard*

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The Why Behind the Innovation

You’ll find grain producers on staff at Calian Agriculture, developing and using our Bin-Sense technology. Innovation keeps us looking forward, and we’re always looking for opportunities to protect the grain that we’ve been asked to watch over.

In a world where one-third of all food produced is lost or wasted, we are committed to making a positive impact starting right here in our own backyard. Introducing a groundbreaking solution for North American producers, we have partnered with Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) to bring insurance coverage to every bin equipped with our cutting-edge Bin-Sense automated grain monitoring technology.

Historically, grain insurance coverage has been in place, but there have always been a few typical gaps, which aren’t always easy to identify for producers. Now these gaps are covered. In bringing together the combination of technology and insurance, our partnership with AJG has created a way to offer insurance to protect your grain, even when it’s sitting in the bin.

More About the Team at Arthur J. Gallagher Canada

Arthur J. Gallagher is a family run business that has been in operation since 1927. They have been voted one of the World’s most ethical companies every year from 2012 to 2023. Gallagher has a large presence around the world as they are the World’s fourth biggest insurance broker. Gallagher will always put the client first, making the insurance process as easy as possible.

Through a facility, Gallagher is able to offer $5,000,000 of coverage for grain spoilage, which includes spontaneous combustion and dampness of the product, along with various other coverage offerings. Gallagher is proud to be able to offer competitive premiums at affordable prices.