Bin-Sense Plus Unable to Connect to Servers

Possible Cause 1 Outside cellular coverage range. Suggestion Solution Move the Automation Hub to a location with better cellular coverage or clearer line of site to the nearest cell tower. Possible Cause 2 Cellular antenna is disconnected from circuit board. Suggestion Solution Ensure the cellular antenna is securely snapped onto J3 on the modem circuit […]

Submit Feedback, Bug Report or Feature Request

We value all feedback from our Bin-Sense customers and encourage letting us know if there are features you would like to see or bugs/issues to report. With the new Bin-Sense user interface, we have made it easier to send feedback, without having to send an email or call us. Submit a Feature Request or Report […]

Configure Contact Notifications

Bin-Sense customers can set up notification settings to alert them when certain conditions are met. Mobile numbers and emails can be added. Note: Landline numbers are not allowed. Add Notification Number / Email Login to your Bin-Sense account Go to Preferences Under Phone/Email Notifications, click on the + Contact Detail button On the pop up window, select […]


The Reports page provides a convenient way to check the status of your site and equipment. It includes information on devices and cables reporting, as well as the ability to check when each device last called in. Login to your Bin-Sense account Go to Reports Site Report Provides an overview of the following: Devices reported […]


The Notes page provides a convenient way to view, edit, add and export notes. Add Notes There are several ways to add notes for your bins. Notes Page Login to your Bin-Sense account Select Notes Click on the + New Note button at the top right corner On the pop up window, type in your note and […]

What To Do After Replacing Remote Batteries

After the batteries in your remote units have been replaced, you would need to send scan commands for the remote units to resume call-in. The remote unit goes into a high-power state for 3 days before they stop searching for the master unit. The scan commands that are sent within 3 days of replacing the […]