Remote grain monitoring that keeps things low-cost and simplified

We’ve helped producers with hassle-free grain monitoring for years, from on-site handheld devices with Bin-Sense Direct to hourly tracking and all the bells and whistles with Bin-Sense Live. But now, we’re expanding the award-winning Bin-Sense technology, to meet grain monitoring demands right in the middle with daily updates you can check any time, anywhere – introducing Bin-Sense Solo.With Bin-Sense Solo, you’ll find the perfect solution for those for small to medium-sized grain bins, delivering daily grain storage information right to your mobile or desktop device.

• Temperature and/or moisture sensing
• Compatible with most existing installed cables
• No direct power hookup required (battery powered)
• Desktop, Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) compatible
• One-year warranty
• Automatic readings (daily)

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