Is your stored grain protected?

The award-winning Bin-Sense® system features a full suite of grain storage monitoring options so you can know what’s really going on at any time with your stored commodities.

Whether your grain bins are steps from your front door, or thousands of miles away, Bin-Sense keeps you connected to your grain conditions. The easy-to-use monitoring system keeps costs low and yields high, taking one less operational worry off your mind.

Our products

Bin-Sense Plus

Bin-Sense Plus provides top-level grain storage monitoring with automatic aeration fan control for optimized grain quality – delivering grain storage information right to your mobile or desktop device.

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Bin-Sense Live

The Bin-Sense Live system delivers hourly grain storage information to your mobile or desktop device. It allows you to turn on your fans remotely, so you can relax knowing your grain temperature and moisture values are properly monitored.

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Bin-Sense Solo

Bin-Sense Solo is the perfect solution for small to medium-sized grain bins, delivering daily grain storage information right to your mobile or desktop device.

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Bin-Sense Direct

Bin-Sense Direct is an on-site handheld grain monitoring reader. Simply plug the reader into your bin cables and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, giving you a touch screen view of your stored grain.

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What our customers are saying

Bin-Sense - Testimonial

After suffering financial loss from grain spoilage, our farm invested in Bin-Sense Live. Within the first month of having our system up and running, Bin-Sense caught a canola bin that had a hot spot right in the middle, which we couldn’t have caught using an old thermometer. Simply put, Bin-Sense has saved our farm money and we expect this trend to continue.

Our story

Bin-Sense is proudly developed, designed and manufactured by Calian Agriculture Ltd. in Regina, Saskatchewan. Bin-Sense founder, Kyle Folk, grew up in a small farming community in Saskatchewan and understands the importance of staying connected to the farm.

After witnessing a financial loss on the family farm due to spoilage, he began searching for a better, more convenient way to monitor stored grain. With the help of engineers in Saskatchewan, Bin-Sense was developed and Calian continues to grow and help more farmers retain the quality of their stored grain.

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The Bin-Sense Story

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