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Automute is Bin-Sense Live feature that allows users save time managing their bins by automatically setting sensors as muted (uncovered) or unmuted (covered) when certain conditions are met.

This feature is enabled by default and can be enabled/disabled through the Web Dashboard or Mobile app.

Enable Automute

Web Dashboard

  1. Login to your Bin-Sense account
  2. Click Dashboard on the left pane
  3. Toggle ON the Auto-mute Sensor for the desired bin

Mobile App

  1. Login to your Bin-Sense account
  2. Select the bin you wish to toggle on Automute
  3. Under the NOTIFICATION SETTINGS tab, select Auto for Muting of Sensors
  4. Select UPDATE

When enabled, Automute will do the following:

Mark Sensor(s) as Covered (Unmuted)

If stable temperatures are detected on the sensor(s) over a 24 hour period.

Mark Sensor(s) as Exposed (Muted)

When a drop of 3 Celsius or greater occurs in under a week’s time.

Fan Interaction

Due to temperature fluctuations within the bin when running fans, Automute may not work properly during and up to 24-48 hours after the fans are turned off.

This may lead to sensor(s) being inaccurately marked sa exposed or covered. It is recommended to disable Automute if running the fans, and manually mark sensors as covered/exposed during this period. Temperatures usually stabilize between 24-48 hours after turning fans off and at this point, Automute will have a better chance of functioning properly by identifying correct sensor states (muted or unmuted).

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